Gary Schwartz

Author & CEO,
Impact Mobile Inc.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Gary Schwartz has been named the Mobile Commerce Evangelist of the Year 2013. Mr. Schwartz has been at the frontlines of the mobile industry for over a decade and is the author of two books, “The Impulse Economy: Understanding Mobile Shoppers” and “Fast Shopper. Slow Store: A Guide to Courting and Capturing the Mobile Consumers,” both of which highlight the current state of the mobile commerce space and chronicle the significant impact that the mobile revolution is having on retailers.

Toronto-based Mr. Schwartz is also a chair at emeritus mobile for the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Entertainment Forum NA and chair of the mobile committee for the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. As president of Impact Mobile for the past 12 years, he has helped retailers leverage mobile technology to advance their marketing goals.

With boundless energy, Mr. Schwartz is ready to praise mobile’s virtues to marketers, retailers and agencies. Besides his books, Mr. Schwartz takes time to speak at events and even organize them, the latest being the Multi-Screen Summit. He has clocked mobile miles like no other executive in the business.