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Get To Know: Intel’s Scott Jaworski

@scott_jaworski - Head of Buzz Marketing, Intel

What do you do?

The industry and space in which I work is moving at warp-speed; to the extent of which I truly live AND work real-time.  Based on this, the best answer I can give is a directional one.  I’m a part of Intel’s Incubation Marketing Team where I focus on driving non-traditional, digital, and social programs aimed at driving buzz, awareness and demand for our new product lines.  My role has many touch points both internally (cross-orgs) and externally (consumers, influencers, partners, and retailers) and it’s the collective effort of all parties involved that net results.  One day we’re diving deep on a content strategy, the next we’re focused on community engagement.  The one thing I’ll stress is there’s no cut & paste equivalent that will lead to success.  Each program, initiative and target goals/audiences has a unique finger print; however unlike finger prints, they keep changing.  

Which companies or partners do you conduct business with as part of your day-to-day job?film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2017 online

It runs a wide spectrum based on the varied programs I’m running at any given time.  Here’s a few:

  • Influence Marketing: CollectiveBias, Dynamic Signal, and SocialChorus
  • Maker Space: Arduino, Crowd Companies, Make Media (aka Makezine), and TechShop
  • Digital Agencies: Noise, Ogilvy Interactive, Razorfish, Vice, and W2O
  • Social Platforms: Jive, Sprinklr, and Sysomos

What are your goals when participating in networking events and conferences such as Digital Media Summit?

I have three primary goals:

  • Education – as it pertains to the industry, case studies of real-life experiences, and new tool sets (sites/communities, apps, and softwares)
  • Forging relationships – the social space is great for this, but what’s better is when you get to put a face with a name. In essence, changing your relationship from a “connection” to a colleague (my definition of colleague extends outside the confines of Intel).  My friend Mike Ambassador Bruny (@ambassadorbruny) has a great saying: #hashtagstohandshakes
  • Experiences – we all know the best way to learn anything is to experience it.  I try to dive in deep, no matter how uncomfortable or new.  If you hit this threshold, you know you’ve done something right and will benefit from the learnings.

What is the one thing you aim for your panel discussion to cover?

Understanding the challenges of information overload at events like these, we’re not only looking to address the larger social content strategy, but we’re hopeful we provide succinct nuggets of actionable items/tactics the audience can take away and deploy (or investigate the opportunity of).

Dos and Don’ts of approaching you regarding business opportunities? 


  • …your research to ensure relevancy with my line of work and industry
  • …know your product inside and out (hint: I may take us straight into the weeds J)
  • …be professional and respectful of one’s boundaries in regards to your persistence and methods of outreach; it simply might not be a good fit at this time

Do not…

  • …pitch your opportunity.  If you’re pitching, you’re fishing.  If it truly resonates, you’ll be able to have a discussion about it showcasing an example of it in action; better yet, the example will be relevant to my brand
  • …send me a large PowerPoint or PDF and think I’ll be excited to hammer through it
  • …think if we can’t work together now that it will never happen or I won’t recommend you to someone else
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