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Get to know Whurley, Co-Founder of Chaotic Moon
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What Do you Do? 

I lead innovation at Chaotic Moon, a creative technology studio based in Austin, Texas.   


 Which companies or partners do you conduct business with as part of your day-to-day job?
Most of our clients. especially the larger brands (GM, Toyota, Starbucks, Whole Foods, American Idol, XFactor, etc.)  


What did you do previously? 
I worked in Apple R&D and IBM R&D early in my career. At IBM I was named a "Master Inventor'. Before starting Chaotic Moon I led Open Source and Open Innovation at BMC Software.
What are your goals when participating in networking events and conferences like DMS? 
I like to meet as many people as possible. All too often people meet people they like and end up hanging out and not taking advantage of the amazing group of people that are participating in such an event. I want to meet and experience as many of those people as possible.
 Do's and Don'ts of approaching you regarding business opportunities?
Do always approach. It doesn't hurt, but please be respectful to others who may also want to talk and avoid monopolizing the conversation. :)


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