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  • Osgoode Ballroom East
    2:35PM - 3:05PM
    (30 minutes)

    Keynote Interview (Cross-Over Session)

    John Textor: Master of Surreality

    The ironic dichotomy of John Textor is that he is both a pioneer in creating things that aren’t real, and a survivor of the cold, hard realities of business. Currently Exec Chair of Pulse Evolution Corporation and former owner and Chairman of the legendary Digital Domain, Textor is a 1990s pioneer of virtual reality who has since led the holographic concert “resurrection” of Tupac Shakur at Coachella and Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards. During his tenure, Digital Domain enhanced some 80 movies, winning multiple Oscars. But he also sailed through financial storms worthy of a movie in itself, with hedge funds, usurious debts and cut-throat Wall Streeters. Often in the headlines, and oblivious to the critics, Textor has reunited with his most treasured digital artists to write a new chapter in virtual entertainment.
    Featured Speaker
    John Textor
    Executive Chairman
    Pulse Evolution Corporation
    Port Saint Lucie, USA
    Ted Cohen
    Managing Partner
    TAG Strategic
    Los Angeles, USA