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  • Osgoode Ballroom East
    3:10PM - 3:40PM
    (30 minutes)

    Cross-Over Session: Special Guests

    Youtube Stars and Branded Content: A Conversation with the Domestic Geek & JusReign

    If you’re immune to what’s “viral,” there’s a whole level of stardom outside your radar. YouTube stars often have millions of subscribers and a loyal fan-base that eclipses the mainstream TV demo as a branding target. In this session, Sara Lynn Cauchon – a.k.a. The Domestic Geek – talks about the phenomenon of her healthy cooking YouTube channel and her effectiveness as a brand partner to the likes of Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson. She’ll be joined by Jasmeet Singh – a.k.a. comedian/actor Jus Reign – who has amassed a worldwide following of 70 million fan views, and Marketing senior staff writer Russ Martin, who’ll talk the nuts and bolts of YouTube sponsorship.
    Russ Martin
    Senior Staff Writer
    Marketing Magazine
    Toronto, Canada
    Special Guests
    Jasmeet Singh
    Youtuber & Comedian
    Jus Reign
    Toronto, Canada
    Sara Lynn Cauchon
    Digital Media Producer
    Domestic Geek
    Toronto, Canada