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  • Osgoode Ballroom East
    9:00AM - 9:30AM
    (30 minutes)

    Business Keynote (Cross-Over Session)

    Rock Star Entrepreneur: Opening Keynote Michael Wekerle

    The tattoos are your first clue he isn't your garden variety Canadian businessman. "Wek" is an iconoclast. He saved the storied El Mocambo from the wrecking ball. He bought a cluster of former Blackberry buildings in Waterloo and plans to further develop the properties into a high-tech live-work community. He co-owns the Canadian franchise rights to Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg's Wahlburgers restaurant. He's a Dragon on CBC's Dragons' Den. And Difference Capital Financial Inc., the merchant bank he co-founded, manages a fund that includes successful growth companies like Hootsuite, BuildDirect and Blue Ant Media. A philanthropist, media personality and ultra-shrewd investor, Wek takes life head on. And he thinks you can too.
    Featured Speaker
    Michael Wekerle
    Chief Executive Officer
    Difference Capital
    Toronto, Canada