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    10:50AM - 11:35AM
    (45 minutes)

    Presentation Series

    Case Study Series: Attracting Consumers Using Branded Entertainment and Brand Sentiment

    Branded entertainment has come a long way from traditional sponsorship and product placement to brand or product specific content creation. While it may not always be financially or strategically relevant to create a multi-million dollar film in order to boost sales of action figures, a grassroots, digital media initiative may be the perfect fit to some. This presentation series will look branded entertainment initiatives that have been successful in attracting the consumer in the RIGHT ways.

    1. Interbrand: The agency perspective and strategy using Branded Entertainment.

    2. Shaw Media: A look a branded entertainment through case studies from US and Canadian broadcasters, covering product and storyline integrations, host and talent vignettes, umbrella brand associations and more.

    3. DEI Worldwide: Influencing Brand Sentiment Online: How Identity Theft Protection Leader LifeLock Used Social Media To Change a Negative To a Positive.