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    4:05PM - 4:50PM
    (45 minutes)

    Panel Discussion

    Does Email Marketing Work in a World of Social Media?

    It seems that every company has an e-mail list. From sales and new products, to daily deals, and to limited customer appreciation events, it makes sense for loyal customers to stay up-to-date with the companies they love. But with an average open rate of 22%, a read rate of even lower, and subscriber inboxes filling up with newsletters, why does (or doesn’t) email marketing continue to make sense for so many companies?

    Talking Points:
    -What are the goals and motivations behind each company’s email marketing?
    -How has or hasn’t email marketing demonstrated results in the last 12 months?
    -Do certain techniques or calls to action work best?
    -How have changes in technology impacted email marketing content?
    -How to get your messages delivered and read