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    9:00AM - 10:00AM
    (1 hour)

    Opening Keynote Address

    Rethinking The Enterprise For An Age Of Networked Intelligence

    Upheaval in the music industry. Collapsing magazines and newspapers. TV and hollywood in turmoil. Non-fiction authors writing apps rather than books (Don Tapscott's new book is an app.) Everywhere in media new models are emerging.

    The changes in the media industries are evidence of a broader change. There is growing evidence that we need to rethink and rebuild many of the organizations and institutions that have served us well for decades, but now have come to the end of their lifecycle.

    At the same time the contours of new enterprises and industries are becoming clear. With the Internet, society has at its disposal the most powerful platform ever for bringing together the people, skills and knowledge we need to ensure growth, social development and a just and sustainable world. And all around the world there is the first generation to “grown up digital” are entering the workforce and becoming citizens. These “digital natives” are a powerful force for change.

    People everywhere are collaborating like never before. From education and science and to new approaches to citizen engagement and democracy, sparkling new initiatives are underway, embracing a new set of principles for the 21st century -- collaboration, openness, sharing, interdependence and integrity.

    Don Tapscott, for 3 decades arguably the world’s leading thinker about the impact of the digital revolution on business and society, explains the new model of the enterprise and the new drivers for competitiveness and success.
    Don Tapscott
    The Tapscott Group
    Toronto, Canada